As we ease into summer in Michigan, temperatures start to climb, as are our rising energy bills. We consume more energy to keep our homes ventilated and cool, while surrounded by plenty of summer sun that could be working for us. As we enjoy the heat and sunlight of a Michigan summer, it’s a great time to talk about solar roofs. 

GAF’s DecoTech system takes the best protective qualities of solar shingles with the high energy output capabilities of a traditional solar system and packages them in sleek and minimalist panels that seamlessly adapt to your roof design while maximizing your energy savings. The DecoTech system was designed with homeowners in mind. With an affordable solar solution that doesn’t stick out like the old solar panel technology, could it be time to look into a GAF Energy Solar Roof for your home? Let’s talk about solar roofs, and take a look at GAF’s revolutionary solar roof system.

Benefits of GAF Energy Solar Roofs

As solar technology is improving, panels are being streamlined for residential use, allowing more homeowners to enjoy the benefits of solar energy in their homes and everyday lives. Here are a few benefits of installing GAF Energy Solar Roofs for your home.

  • Clean energy is better for the environment. Solar roofs generate energy you can use to power your home, so you take less from the grid. It is a step toward reducing dependence on nonrenewable energy sources.
  • Less energy purchased from the electric company means you can enjoy reduced bills. You may also be eligible for significant tax benefits from investing in solar energy.
  • A GAF Energy Solar Roof works like shingles, so it sheds water and helps protect your home, keeping you dry and comfortable. Its minimalist design is very low-maintenance and will work for you every day of the year.
  • The DecoTech system is designed as an affordable solar roofing system. The simple design makes for a quicker and less expensive install, saving contractors and homeowners money.

Before, GAF Energy Solar Roofs, solar systems for residential roofs were expensive, unattractive, and incapable of generating significant energy. The GAF Energy Solar Roofing system offers the best in solar technology for the homeowner to increase their savings without sacrificing their home’s curb appeal.

GAF Energy Solar Roof Features

GAF’s DecoTech system has revolutionized the solar energy roof. Unlike solar shingles or other solar systems, GAF Energy Solar Roofs protect and defend your existing roof while generating power to offset your energy costs. Let’s explore some of the unique features this system has to offer.

Sleek Design

The DecoTech system is a low profile, seamless construction of interlocking panels and flashing components. The monochromatic finish gives it a sleek look that helps it blend in with the rest of your roof. The panels are mounted directly to the roof deck, and unlike traditional rack mounted models, the system is designed to fit close to the surface. 

The GAF Energy Solar Roof system is much less conspicuous and much more effective than traditional raised panels. Instead of exposed wires and spaces for animals to crawl into, which creates an eyesore for homeowners and neighbors, the DecoTech system fits close to your roof and doesn’t leave space for pests or moisture to get around the edges. Concealed wires and components increase product durability and safety, and complete the minimalist style. 

Easy Installation

The DecoTech system works best when installed with other GAF roofing products. The full size, interlocking panels are intuitive to assemble and can be largely set up on the ground before being attached directly to the roof deck. The DecoTech system comes with upgraded fasteners and fewer fastening points, which cuts down the time needed to properly secure it to the roof. The quick and straightforward installation process of GAF Energy Solar Roofs saves time and money for both contractors and homeowners. 

High Efficiency

GAF Energy Solar Roofs effectively capture solar energy for serious savings. The 285W panels offer as much electricity production as the typical rack mounted systems, but without the visual inconvenience. As a more space and energy efficient system, DecoTech’s high output panels outperform the competition. If you’re ready to generate your own energy and see reductions on your monthly utility bills, GAF Energy Solar Roofs can help you meet your goals. 

Protective Barrier

Unlike other solar roof systems, DecoTech panels work like shingles in that they act as a moisture, wind, and pest barrier for your roof. They fit closely with your other roofing materials and shed water, effectively protecting your home from the dangers of mold, mildew, and rot. GAF Energy Solar Roofs are also UL tested for fire, impact, electrical grounding, uplift resistance, and wind driven rain resistance.

Quality Guaranteed

The DecoTech system is covered by a 25 year warranty to protect you against defects from manufacturing and power generation. When combined with GAF roofing products and installed GAF Solar Elite or Master Elite installer, you may be eligible for extended warranty options including coverage for any problems related to installation or workmanship.

Who Uses GAF Energy Solar Roofs

GAF Energy Solar Roofs are designed to appeal to homeowners and residential roofs. The DecoTech system’s streamlined design and high potential for energy savings are priced at an affordable level to allow everyone to participate in clean, green energy. As more are able to access solar technology, homeowners are seeing the value of their investment in GAF Energy Solar Roofs. 

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