While gutters may not seem as glamorous as new granite countertops, fancy kitchen appliances, or a bathroom remodel, they can have a serious effect on your home value.  Just think about that crazy Michigan weather you’ve gotten so used to. Huge thunderstorms, straight winds, and days of continuous rain are not all that uncommon here. The primary function of a gutter system is to protect your home, foundation, and landscaping from the torrential downpours you often see.  If your gutters are improperly installed or maintained, these massive amounts of water can have a very negative impact on your home.  There are four major ways that gutters protect and add value to your home:

  • Exterior Protection

Excessive rain can ruin the outside of your home if your gutters are poorly kept-up and leaking.  Misdirected run-off can ruin exterior paint jobs, it can seep into cracks in your siding, and more alarmingly it can cause foundation erosion.  Many of these exterior problems can be very costly repairs, so it’s best to make sure you’ve kept up your gutters.   

  • Interior Protection

Another expensive effect of malfunctioning gutters is interior water damage.  Water can seep into your basement, which leads to flooding problems, mold growth and insect infestations.   Both mold and insect infestations can cause you to fail a home inspection, and can lead to health issues as well.  

  • Curb Appeal

The first thing a potential buyer sees is the outside of your home.  Falling down, cracked, and mangled gutters are not a pretty sight and can majorly detract from your curb appeal.  Additionally, misdirected gutters can create puddles and canals which ruin your landscaping, upset root systems, and drown your plants.

  • Insurance

Depending on your insurance provider, updated gutter systems could potentially decrease the cost of your property insurance.

To keep up your home’s value it is important to ensure you have the right size and type of gutter for your home, and to make sure that your gutter system is properly maintained. 

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