Winter is one of the most important seasons to make sure that you are properly taking care of your roof to ensure that it will help protect your home for years to come with having to make minimal repairs. There are just a couple winter roof maintenance tips that can actually be performed during the winter months safely.

  1. Watch for Ice Dams

Ice dams are caused from debris built up in your gutter system and then the snow on your roof melting, backing up in your gutter system and then freezing. This can damage both your gutter system as well as your roof if not taken care of. There are a few things you can do to prevent ice dams in your gutters.

  • Clean the gutter system before winter arrives

  1. Snow Removal

Some snow accumulation on your roof in not an issue. but if it is an exceptionally bad winter with a lot of snowfall, the weight of the snow on your roof could cause structural damage. If you have a very steep roof, be sure to hire a professional company to remove the snow from your roof to ensure your own safety.

If you have a single story home or a roof that is not as steep you can do snow removal your self. One way to to purchase a snow rake. This is a tool with an very long extendable handle that will allow you to pull the snow off of your roof safely from the ground. You can also use a ladder to get on your roof and push the snow off. Be very careful if you choose to get on the roof yourself and snow and ice can cause your roof to be very slippery.

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