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Storm Damage Repair

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Storm damage repair

Dealing with storm damage can be stressful and overwhelming, especially if your home has sustained massive damages. If you need help repairing your home after a storm, look no further than Werner Roofing. We’ll repair damage from fallen trees, hail, and any other leaks or concerns you may have.

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. Make sure it’s fixed properly and efficiently by calling Werner Roofing!

Get a Free Roof Inspection

How do you know when it’s time for a new roof?The only way to be sure of your asphalt roof’s current condition is to have a licensed professional personally inspect it. Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every client, so you can be sure of your roof’s condition.

Every Werner Roofing inspection comes complete with our promise: “We won’t recommend or sell a roof replacement unless it’s necessary.”

What are possible damages?

When your home withstands a major storm, it’s hard to know exactly what damage there might be. So here are some things to look for when the storm passes to assess the amount of damage to your roof:

  • Torn or missing shinglesUsually a result of high winds ripping them off the roof, it’s a good idea to get them fixed or replaced as soon as possible.
  • LeaksSince high winds tend to rip off shingles, it’s likely that the exposed part of your roof could begin to leak.  This is why you’ll want to get any missing shingles replaced immediately and check your attic for any signs of water damage immediately following the storm.
  • Dented GuttersIf your gutters are dented, it’s usually a sign that you got hit hard by hail and high winds.  If they’re in bad shape, you should call someone to see how much you’ll have to get replaced.
  • Missing granules or dentsIf you see dark spots on some of your shingles, it’s usually a sign that hail got to them, and removed the sun and weather-protecting granules from the shingle.
  • Granules in guttersAnother sign that the storm knocked off some of the weather protection from your shingles is if you see a lot of granules in your gutters. If you notice these, it might be time to call a professional.
  • Serious damageUnfortunately, big storms can lead to serious damage if a tree or tree limb falls on your roof. In this case, you’ll definitely want to call a professional and board up any holes with tarps and plywood as best you can in the meantime.
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Damaged Shingle Close Up
Damaged Roof Shingles
How to prepare after an insurance claim after a storm
1. Call Immediately

The sooner you call your insurance company, the quicker they will be able to process your claim. Also, you’ll be able to more accurately report the damages the fresher they are in your mind.

3. Find your policy

It’s a good idea to pull out your homeowner’s insurance policy so you can familiarize yourself with it. You can also call your insurance agent for more information about the claim process.

2. Be Prepared

Take as many pictures as you can that show the damage, and it’s also a good idea to make a list all of the damages you’d like to show your insurance adjuster. This includes any structural damages as well as any damages to your personal possessions.

4. Find a reputable contractor

In the event of a massive storm, there are a lot of people who are out to take advantage of those who need repairs. Make sure you find a reputable contractor with a license and make sure they quote you for all repairs, not just some. You might also have your contractor come out on the same day as the insurance adjuster to ensure that all your damages are properly accounted for in your claim.

What to do after a severe storm

Help the injured

In the event of a storm, your first priority should be the injured. If any members of your household have been hurt or require medical treatment, call 911 right away. Do your best to see that they are taken care of before you address other issues.

Beware of Hazards
  • Stay away from downed power linesAlways assume that any downed power lines are live and dangerous, even if they look dead. Make sure to keep pets and children far away from them.
  • TreesIf a tree has fallen on your home, car, garage, or other property, leave it alone and call a professional to handle the damage. You don’t want to crush yourself or anyone else in the process. It’s also a good idea to take pictures of the damage for your insurance company.
  • Stay out of damaged homeIf your home or property was damaged in the storm, stay out of it until authorities say it is safe to re-enter.  Even if it looks okay from the outside, there could be structural concerns or gas leaks that it’s best to let the professionals deal with.
  • Watch for animalsFlooding and extreme weather can drive rodents, snakes, or other critters into your home, particularly if you have a basement. Make sure to watch out for them depending on the season.
  • If you smell gas, get outIf you smell gas, make sure to evacuate everyone immediately. If you can, it’s best to turn off the main gas supply to your home and open all the windows.
  • If your home is okayIf your home hasn’t been damaged, keep children and pets inside, away from any damage and debris.  There may be shattered glass and broken parts that they could cut themselves on.
  • Use batteriesIf the power has gone out, try to use battery-powered flashlights and lanterns rather than candles to avoid possible fire hazards.
  • If you suspect damageTurn off your electricity, gas, or propane as soon as you can. You never know what the damage could be internally and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • If you see exposed wiresSometimes storms can cause electrical damage, so if you see any sparks or exposed wires, shut off your circuit breaker immediately. This is the best way to avoid an electrical fire or power surge.
Safety in cleanup
  • Wear heavy bootsYou never know what might be on the ground.  Storms with powerful winds can pick up and break any number of things, so make sure you’re wearing protective boots to avoid stepping on anything harmful.
  • Wear gloves & eye protectionSometimes limbs can snap and rebound back at you, so it’s a good idea to wear safety goggles to prevent chips and wood pieces from getting in your eyes, especially if you’re using a chainsaw to get rid of fallen trees. Gloves are also a good protective barrier between you and potentially sharp objects.
  • Be especially careful of creaturesDepending on the time of year, there are all types of critters that may have been displaced by the storm. In Michigan, it’s especially important to watch out for rattlesnakes as they are venomous.

Storm damage can be scary. Whether a tree fell on your home or you lost power, it can be difficult to asses the damage yourself and the cleanup process can be grueling. Save yourself some worry and trouble and have Werner Roofing help you out. We’ll let you know the extent of the damage, and if you like, we can help you with the repairs.

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Standing seam metal roofs are composed of panels of metal that run from the top of the roof all the way to the gutter of your home. These panels are attached together with fasteners that are then concealed by seams that are raised about 1 to 2 inches above the level of the panels. These raised seams are what gives the roof its name and what keep water and precipitation from leaking through the fastener areas. The interlocking seams make your roof more resistant to all types of weather and promote thermal movement without damaging your roof.


At Werner Roofing, we exclusively use metal materials from Sheffield Metals. Sheffield guarantees the highest standard in durability and sustainability, which is why we trust them as our only metal supplier. Sheffield Metals feature a unique COOLR® technology finish that reflects solar energy before it turns into heat. This technology means that your home will stay cool in the summer, without any additional energy from your air conditioner, a typical problem with other metal roofs that do not use COOLR®.

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