Jolly old Saint Nick is getting ready for his round-the-world tour! Help him out this year by making sure your roof is in tip-top shape for his reindeer sleigh. The last thing Mr. Claus needs is a saggy roof slowing his takeoff. Here are a few things to check out before Santa comes around, to make sure he has a safe landing (and to make sure your roof is doing its job this winter)!

Check For Missing Shingles

We can’t have Rudolph tripping around up there — take a minute or two to check out your roof with the binoculars on a clear day. Do you see any curled or missing shingles? Both can let in melting snow, causing water damage in your attic and subroofing. If you find any missing shingles, let your roofing professional know so you can get them replaced quickly. It’s best to leave winter roof-walking to Santa, the reindeer, and your favorite local roofer.

Trim Trees

Any branches or trees hanging over your roof should be trimmed back and away from your roof. Large branches collect snow and ice and can fall on the roof of your home during the winter, causing serious damage. If that wasn’t reason enough, remember you’ll want to leave the reindeer a sizeable runway so they can land safely, and take off easily as they make their way around the world.

Clean the Gutters and Remove Leaf Buildup

Pesky fallen leaves have a tendency to stick around on your roof and in your gutters. You’ll want to remove any debris from your gutters, so snowmelt can flow easily through your gutters and down the downspout. Leaf buildup is also troublesome. Wet debris like rotting leaves can trap in moisture, causing leaks in your roof and water damage in your attic and other areas of your home, not to mention that rotted leaves can make reindeer sick. For your roof’s health (and the reindeers’) make sure dead leaves are off your roof and out of your gutters as soon as possible.

Watch for Ice Dams

Ice dams are slippery, and they can cause serious problems for your home and roofing system. Keep everyone safe by ensuring your attic has proper ventilation and is well insulated. Here are a few more ice dam tips to check out if you think you might have them.

Leave the Snow!

Too many people worry about raking snow off their roof; if you want Santa to stop by, you should leave it where it is. Snow reminds Santa and the reindeer of their home at the North Pole and makes for a soft landing. Raking snow off your roof can also cause damage to your shingles, and can be dangerous to do if you’re not a snow removal professional. Keep Santa happy and keep yourself safe — leave the snow where it is.


There you have it — everything you need to know to properly prepare your roof for Santa’s sleigh landing. And in case you missed it last year, check out our blog on Making Your Chimney Safe For Santa too!


If you find any issues with your roof or chimney while you’re waiting for Mr. Claus this year, don’t hesitate to give the professionals at Werner Roofing a call. We’ll come out and make sure your roof is sealed up tight and is safe for Santa. Call our office at 616-844-5382 or contact us online for a free roofing estimate today!

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