Roof damage can be serious and quite costly. The most common reasons for roof damage can be relatively easy to prevent, though. Damage cause from trees is one the top culprits for banged-up roofs. Many will think of trees actually falling onto a roof when we mention roof damage from trees, but we’re here to talk about the damages that might go unnoticed for quite some time.

If you have trees planted near your home, listen up!

The overhanging branches could be causing gouges and scratches to your roof just by them brushing against it. If you haven’t inspected your roof for any damages like these you could be missing an opportunity to save your roof with a minor repair instead of needing a completely new roof. The best way to ensure your tree isn’t scraping against your roof is to make sure it is healthy and trimmed back.

After you have trimmed back your tree you should make sure that leaves are also clear of your roof. If leaves are still falling onto your roof after you have trimmed back your tree, then you will have to remove them regularly. Leaves that are left on roofs lock in moisture and cause your roof to become rotten.

Knowing what kind of tree are near your home can be important as well. Even if your trees aren’t touching your home they could still cause some damage. Trees that drop heavier items like walnut trees can cause dents and damage if those items continuously fall onto your roof.

By checking your roof consistently throughout the year, you can prevent unnecessary roof problems. Call Werner Roofing today to have one of our experts out to your home to evaluate your roof situation.


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