When it comes to our roofs, safety is our first priority. This season when you’re hanging up your holiday lights, make safety your priority too. We’ve pulled together some tips to help you stay safe up there.

We recommend checking your lights before you put them up. It’s not safe, nor fun, to have to fumble around with lights after they’ve already been installed and then you find out they’ve burnt out. Plugging them in to check for shorts or burnt out bulbs before you hang them is a safer way to see if they work.

You should avoid putting decorations, other than lights, on the roof. Blow up decorations, statues, and other types of festive decor should be installed only on the ground. This will eliminate the chance of bad weather blowing them off the roof and ruining your decorations as well.

When you do hang up lights on your roof, use clips to the attach lights to gutters. DO NOT ATTACHED THEM TO YOUR SHINGLES! This can cause damage to your roof and cause the potential for your roof leaking. We recommend using a clip for each light and you should attach these before you install them onto your roof. It’s very important that you use a ladder that is tall enough and that you move along with you as you install. Never reach to install lights on your roof.

This is also a good time do a quick overlook of your roof. If you notice that anything looks unusual or see actual damage be sure to take note of it and contact a professional.

Feel free to contact Werner Roofing if you’ve found damage to your roof while decorating your home for the holidays.

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