Why Choose Velux Skylights?

Why Choose Velux Skylights?

Velux offers top-of-the-line skylights and sun tunnels that add value to your home and allow you to capitalize on the pleasantness and efficiency of the sun’s light. Need more convincing? Here are some reasons why you should choose Velux skylights for your home.

More Natural Light

Studies show that more natural light increases productivity, improves our overall health, and makes us happier. Increasing your sources of natural light not only lifts your mood but adds to your home’s value. Adding walls of windows, however, might not be the most appropriate home-improvement unless you’re a fish in a bowl. 

Velux Skylights are a great way to let in more natural light to your home without sacrificing privacy. Particularly in small rooms like bathrooms, closets, pantries, and hallways, skylights can make a room feel brighter, larger, and more inviting. You can add dimension where your home needs it most, and by lightening those dark corners, you might find you want to spend more time in them.

Extra Ventilation

In addition to light, skylights also invite the exchange of fresh air and encourage healthy ventilation of your home. Velux’s “Fresh Air” skylights open out to allow airflow. They can be powered manually or electrically. They also have a Fresh Air skylight that is solar-powered, which requires no extensive wiring system, just a small panel attached to the side of the window frame. 

Velux skylights are perfect for adding ventilation in the kitchen after cooking or in the bathroom to prevent humidity buildup. 

Work in Any Space

Velux offers an extensive range of products that can fit in almost any space. In addition to their Fresh Air models, Velux offers a variety of fixed panel skylights that only let in the light. Velux’s Skymax skylight can accommodate large skylight sizes of up to 10 feet in width.

Skylights can be mounted in two ways: either curb mounted or deck mounted. Curb mounting uses a wooden frame that sits on the side of the roof surface to attach the window. It’s great for roofs that are flat or up to an angle of 60 degrees. Deck mounting has a lower profile and uses hardware to attach the skylight close to the roof itself. Deck mounting is recommended for roof angles from 14 to 85 degrees.

Velux skylights work with flat ceilings, too. The skylight is installed on the roof, while a lightwell is used to channel the light straight down onto the ceiling. From there, an opening can be constructed in the ceiling to allow the natural light to filter down. 

Superior Technology

Velux’s employment of advanced technology is what makes them the top brand in the country. Their development of “Neat” glass reduces water spotting from raindrops or moisture, which preserves the clean look of the glass. They also use three layers of water protection including gaskets or sealing, underlayment and flashing to prevent any moisture from seeping around the skylight. They call this their “No Leak Skylight” promise. 

Additionally, on the “Fresh Air” models, Velux skylights have a rain sensor feature that will turn on if it senses unfavorable weather. If you forget to close your skylight before you leave the house, you won’t have to worry about any surprises when you get home. 

High Quality

Velux cares about sustainable living and makes its products as energy-efficient as possible. They do this by minimizing the heat that enters the skylight using argon gas between the panes of the window. They also coat the panes with low-emissivity coatings, which reduces the UV or infrared rays that enter the skylight, without blocking any of the natural light. 

Velux skylights allow you to enjoy using natural resources in your home, but have them work for you as well.

The Velux Skylight Product Guarantee

All deck-mounted Velux skylights come with a 10-year factory warranty, so you’re fully protected against leaks, no matter who installed the skylight. Here at Werner Roofing, we are proud to install Velux skylights. We put our name behind their product as fellow leaders in their industry. 

Because of their commitment to the highest quality, best technology and variety of options, Velux is the only brand of skylights we work with. If you’re looking for Velux Skylights in your new or renovated home, Werner Roofing would love to help. We’re certified and insured to install all varieties of Velux Skylights, and we’d be happy to let a little more light into your home. Call us today at (616) 844-5382 or contact us online.