Standing seam metal roofs are one of the most high quality roofing systems you can choose for your home. Metal roofs are known for offering superior protection and durability, all tied together in a sustainable and cost effective package. What’s a standing seam metal roof, and how could it benefit your home? Let’s talk about this popular roofing system and a few of the advantages it offers.

What is a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

A standing seam metal roof consists of a flat metal panel running from the ridge of the roof to the eaves that are connected to other panels with secure fasteners. The standing seam — typically one or two inches above the panel — is what conceals the fasteners. The standing seam protects the connection between the panels from weather better than a traditional metal roof. It also facilitates water runoff and thermal movement, and reduces debris buildup, including sticks, leaves, and snow. 

Benefits of a Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof is a durable weatherproof shield that protects your home against wind, rain, hail, and other weather events. There are many benefits of a metal roof for your home, but a few of the most notable are sustainability, easy maintenance, durability, and overall value. 


Standing seam metal roofs are one of the most sustainable roofing choices on the market. They can be made from up to 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum, and when your roof eventually needs to be replaced, the materials can be completely recycled. 

Metal roofs are also more energy-efficient than asphalt shingles or other roof types. They keep your home cooler during the summer by reflecting the sun’s heat away from your home. Asphalt roofs, on the other hand, absorb heat year-round, which insulates your home during the winter, but makes your air conditioning work harder to cool your home when it’s warm out.

Simple Maintenance

Metal roofs are much easier to maintain than traditional asphalt roofs. The roofing panel design collects less dirt and debris than traditional roofs. When they do need cleaning the dirt can easily be removed with soap and water. If you don’t want to clean your metal roof yourself, you can have it done by a professional, so you can avoid injury and possible damage to your roof.

Extreme Durability

Metal roofs are known for their superior protective capabilities and durability. They can last up to 70 years before they need replacing, compared to the maximum 20 years of an asphalt shingle roof. They also offer greater wind and impact resistance than traditional roof types, so you don’t have to worry about repairing damage or replacing shingles every time the wind picks up. Even if a tree branch falls on your metal roof it’s unlikely to cause serious damage like cracks or holes — at most a dent may appear, but the damage will only be cosmetic. Your roof’s integrity will be preserved and it will continue to protect your home and your family.

Lifetime Value

Standing seam metal roofs are also becoming more popular with homeowners because of the rising cost of oil, which causes a similar rise in the price of asphalt shingles. Homeowners are comparing the costs of the materials, labor, and maintenance of roofing options and seeing the true value of a metal roof for their home.

Metal roofs last longer than asphalt shingle roofs, and therefore have a greater lifetime value. A durable standing seam metal roof increases your home’s value and costs less to maintain than traditional shingle roofs. Although it requires a larger initial investment, the payoff of a standing seam metal roof comes from the overall value of the roof and the superior protection it can offer your home.

Customizing Your Standing Seam Metal Roof

A standing seam metal roof offers a unique roofing option. With a metal roof, your home is likely to stand out from others in your neighborhood, and can customize the shade to complement your home’s design. If you’re not sure which color to choose, try out different options using an online visualizer tool or talk to a metal roof expert. Whatever color you choose, a standing seam metal roof will serve you well — both aesthetically and practically — and it will continue to protect your home and your property value over time.

Is a standing seam roof right for you? Let us know! If you’re interested in installing a standing seam metal roof on your home, the Werner Roofing team can certainly help.

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