If you’ve heard of the GAF certification before, you might know that it’s a significantly rare distinction between highly skilled roofers and the rest of the contractor crowd. Maybe what you don’t know is why you should choose a GAF certified factory roofing installer over any other roofing company. The answer depends on you. 


Chances are, you’ve committed to the decision of installing a new roof on your home. You know that the right materials matter, as well as the tools, the time it takes to complete the job correctly, and the price required to be satisfied with your new roof. You likely want the best job done the first time and you don’t want to mess around with roof installers who have shady reputations or aren’t endorsed by reliable sources. 


If that is the case, you are in need of a GAF certified factory roofing installer, a company that can exceed your expectations for your new roof and offers the extra protection that comes with the prestigious certification.

What does GAF certified mean?

GAF is the biggest name in the roofing industry, the leading roofing manufacturer on this continent. Established in 1886, they are known for superior roofing and waterproofing work through their products and training. 


A contractor that is trained to install GAF products and has agreed to continue professional training throughout their career might be certified by the company to be able to carry out the installation of their products and keep up to date with the newest in GAF technology and practices.

The GAF Master Elite certification is the highest certification a roofer can hold in the country, and only 3 percent of roofing companies can claim this honor. In order to be eligible, a roofer must pass rigorous standards including a minimum of 7 years as a business with at least one in their program, good credit and banking records, good compensation of workers and a 99 percent or higher approval from customers based on surveys GAF conducts independently. 

If a company can pass the extreme screening process, they must still meet with a GAF manager to provide justification for why they should be granted the prestigious status. The manager will then conduct interviews and review previous jobs to verify the information. It’s no wonder most companies don’t qualify because it is extremely difficult to receive this certification.

Why do I need a certified factory roofing installer?

Unfortunately in Michigan, there are few professional requirements to be a roofer. While this offers customers more choices and competitive prices, it is up to the homeowner to do the research on the available contractors so they can trust they will receive quality work on their home. Only GAF Master Elite certified factory roofing installers can make this promise, which is known as the Golden Pledge Warranty.

What’s the difference between the Golden Pledge and any other warranty from an uncertified installer? The Golden Pledge offers more comprehensive coverage that protects you if anything goes wrong. This certified factory warranty means a GAF warranty provider will come out to double-check the work and surrounding systems worked on by the certified roofers, so if something goes wrong you have zero percent liability.

How do I find the right one?

GAF provides a find-a-contractor tool on their website where you can search for certified factory roofing installers in your area as well as browse resources, help guides and product lines. If you’re accepting bids for your roofing work, be sure to do your homework on the contractors to check if they are backed up with this certification. 


Odds are the lowest bids aren’t put forth by reputable contractors who can’t keep the golden promises that come with the GAF certification. Building a new roof is not a lighthearted project or expense so you want to make sure you won’t have to worry about being liable for any mistakes or, in the worst case, needing to have the entire project redone.


Once you find a GAF certified factory roofing installer, you can relax. Because it’s a GAF Master Elite certification, you’ll know the roofer is reliable, endorsed and has a great reputation and approval rating from customers. You won’t have to doubt that your roof will be installed by professionals who will do the job right the first time.

In addition to being a GAF certified factory roofing installer, Werner Roofing has received four consecutive GAF President’s Club Awards, one of the company’s most distinct awards. Give us a call at 616-844-5382 to set up your free home inspection today.

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