It’s easy to determine if your roof is leaking, but what’s not so easy is to figure out why it’s leaking. When repairing a leaky roof, it’s important to know what’s causing a leak in order to properly fix it. To help you find the source of your leaky roof, we’re going to name and explain the most common causes for roof leaks.


If your roof is older, it’s likely to have been exposed to extreme weather. Years of wear and tear can cause a roof to fall apart and begin taking in moisture.

Damaged Flashing

Flashing is metal used to cover seams or transition points in your roof. If the flashing on your roof deteriorates, is damaged in any way, or is missing, that can cause leaks to develop.


While skylights are great for adding visual interest to your home’s design, they can also be a source for your roof’s leak. Usually, skylights can start leaking if they’re improperly installed or if the seal or flashing around them are damaged.


If your home has a chimney, that can also be a source for your leaky roof. If a chimney is improperly or not completely sealed, that can cause water to collect around your chimney and leak into your home. Also, if your chimney isn’t placed at your roof’s peak, it should have a cricket, which is a metal triangle-shaped cover placed on the high side where the chimney stack meets the roof. If this is damaged or missing, then water can collect at the bottom of the chimney.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

From wind to rain and snow, shingles put up with a lot of weather-related stress. Extreme weather can cause your shingles to crack, blister, cup, or get blown away, which then invites water to invade your home. Another cause of shingle-related leaks can be improper sealing on the nails holding down your shingles.

Ice Dams

As we mentioned in our Winter Roof Maintenance Tips post, ice dams can cause a lot of damage to your roof. If your home’s insulation is damaged or not properly ventilated, that can cause the snow on your roof to melt, run down the roof, and freeze. Over time, the ice can back up under your roof’s shingles and melt into your house.

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