Proper roof maintenance is important year-round. With fall fast approaching it is important to ensure that your roof will be ready to handle the snowy winter months that lie ahead. Here are a few maintenance tips to help make sure your roof is ready for another Michigan winter.

Trim Trees-
This is a preventative maintenance tip. Ensuring that there are no dead tree limbs, large branches, or trees leaning towards your house, can prevent a disaster later down the road. The extra weight of the snow could cause dead or dying limbs or trees to fall onto the house which could cause a costly repair. Removing overhanging branches from your home will also reduce the amount of leaf build up that occurs and can reduce your chance of rot or excessive leave in your gutter system.

Gutter Maintenance-
Cleaning your gutter regularly during the fall is important to ensure that you avoid damage to your room and gutter system. Leaves and debris can cause water to back up and not drain properly though your gutter system. If this water and blockage isn’t cleared out it can freeze damaging the gutters and roof.

Roof Inspection-
Schedule a professional roof inspection today to have an experienced roofer check your roof for any small fixed that need to be made. An inspection will help you discover the integrity of your roof and let you know if there are leaks, missing/loose shingles, or damaged gutters. These are all small repairs and can help prevent a more costly repair down the road.

If you would like to schedule a roof inspection with Werner & Sons today, please, give us a call at 616-844-5382


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