If you haven’t already, the summer is the perfect time to make any repairs needed on your home before the cooler weather comes in for the fall and winter. You may have damage from the previous winter, or you could just be dealing with an old roof or old gutters – whatever your situation, now is the perfect time to fix it! Here are some things you should be looking out for.

Missing shingles: If you see and loose or missing shingles on your roof, you should replace them so your home doesn’t get water or ice damage during the upcoming winter.

Hail damage: If you live in an area that has had a hail storm in the last year, you should go out and check your roof and gutters for damage. Hail could have caused dents or small tears and holes in your roof or gutters.

Chimneys: If you have a chimney or other roof projection, you should check the flashing around it. It prevents melting ice, snow, and rain from getting into your home and causing damage, so it may need to be replaced if it’s old or coming away from your roof.

Work inside out: Check your attic for stains and leaks. If there are any areas leaking or that look like they may leak, you can take the appropriate measures to fix those before it’s too late – and too cold!

Warm it up: After fixing your attic, add some extra insulation up there. It will help prevent the formation of ice dams on your roof by keeping the warmth of your house evenly distributed.

Clean everything out: Clean the leaves and other debris out of your gutters. You can clean your gutters by pouring water from a hose down them until the leaves are completely gone. Rake and remove any debris surrounding your downspouts to keep the area clear so ice and snow won’t build up.

If you want to cut your home maintenance time down while helping yourself to the added benefit of safer gutters, then call Werner Roofing today at (616) 844-5382 with any questions or to schedule a free estimate!

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