It’s important to know what is and is not included in your roof insurance coverage when dealing with home damage. Depending on whether the damage is covered, there are different ways to handle the situation and fix your home. 

Keep reading our guide to roof insurance coverage so you can better understand what is and what is not covered in your homeowner’s coverage. 

What Is Covered With Roof Insurance Coverage?

Most people think your homeowner’s policy always covers all roof damage. However, depending on your individual insurance plan, not all roof damage is covered. 

Common types of damages that are typically covered in roof insurance coverage include: 

  • Environmental or Weather-Related Damage. Damage caused by the environment usually includes hail, storm, wind, and tree damage. However, floods and earthquakes are not always covered in a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. Policies for flood or earthquake damage may be an extra cost.
  • Animal Damage. Your policy may cover damage from a critter, such as damage to your attic or torn shingles.  
  • Interior Damage. If the interior of your home was damaged from a storm or other weather-related cause, then your roof insurance coverage may cover the interior damage. 
  • Vandalism or Theft. Often, if your roof is intentionally damaged or if roofing materials are stolen, your insurance policy may provide coverage for the damaged materials.
  • Accidental Water Damage. You may be wondering, “Does home insurance cover roof leaks?” The answer is more complex than you would think. It depends on the cause of the leak. If the roof leak is caused by normal wear and tear, it will most likely not be covered. However, if there is a sudden accident, it may be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. 

You should always thoroughly read your policy and know what it covers, especially when considering your region and the types of damage your home may be more prone to. Many factors come into play when determining how much of the cost of damages your home insurance will cover

What Is Not Covered With Roof Insurance?

Other issues that may not be covered include manufacturer defects, workmanship-related issues, and typical wear and tear. It’s vital to have a strong manufacturer’s warranty and a good workmanship warranty from the installer so that you are covered in any instances your roof insurance coverage may not cover. 

Common types of damage that are not covered with roof insurance include, but are not limited to: 

  • Normal Wear and Tear. These damages typically occur over time and can result from a lack of maintenance or repairs.  
  • Flood Damage. To cover flood damage, you will likely have to purchase an additional flood policy.  
  • Earthquake Damage. For earthquake damage, you will likely have to purchase an additional earthquake policy. 
  • Certain Roofing Materials. Some materials are not covered under roof insurance policies, such as wood, which has a high risk of fire damage. 

What Should You Do If Something Is Not Covered Under Roof Insurance Coverage?

Reviewing your policy to understand what it covers and maintain regular inspections is essential for any homeowner. If you live in an area prone to certain types of bad weather, adding additional coverage for that type of damage may be beneficial. Staying informed of your policy, keeping documentation, and adding extra coverage when needed is the best way to ensure your home is covered in the event of an accident. 

If your roof is damaged, it’s important to find a reputable contractor to work with who can adequately assess your roof damage. The experienced contractors at Werner Roofing are here for you. We work quickly and efficiently to help you get the best service for your needs. 

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