With their sleek lines, energy efficiency, and of course their durability and longevity, metal roofs are often taken into consideration when the time rolls around for a roof replacement. But any roof replacement is an expensive project, which is one key reason many homeowners wonder if they can skip tearing off the old shingles, especially if they’re opting for a lighter metal roof replacement. So, can you put a metal roof over shingles?

The answer is sometimes — but don’t worry, we’ll explain!   

When It’s Possible to Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles

The good news is, since metal roofing is lightweight, it can easily be installed over top of asphalt shingles, BUT (notice that’s a big but!), those shingles must be in good condition. Where there’s worn shingles, there’s likely some water damage and aging going on underneath, which means that the screws to attach the metal won’t be secure. 

Before putting a metal roof over shingles, it’s also important to make sure that the strength of the trusses and the structural integrity of the decking has not been compromised over time. So, before going all in on the idea of installing a metal roof over your existing one, it’s important to have your current roof inspected. That’s the only way to truly know whether you’re making a safe and wise choice. 

Of course, even if your old roof is showing some wear and tear, if it’s just a matter of some minor repairs needed, and the cost of fixing a few things is less than the expense of removing it all, well, then you’re back in business! You can make repairs then put that metal roof over top of your old one after all. 

When You Shouldn’t Put a Metal Roof Over Shingles

Sure, everyone would prefer to save money by bypassing the time-consuming and expensive removal of an existing roof before installing a metal one, but there are times when you just plain should not do it.

If the majority of your shingles are damaged and deteriorating, if there are saggy areas of your roof, rotting wood, or leaking issues, it’s better to have all new material put in underneath to ensure a safe, sound roof overhead. 

After all, the whole point of choosing a metal roof is the peace of mind that comes with its durability. It doesn’t make sense to place it on top of a shaky, unstable foundation.

What to Know When Putting a Metal Roof Over Shingles

If it turns out your shingles are in good condition and you decide to put a metal roof over them, new underlayment is typically laid down over the shingles first, providing a barrier between them and the metal to protect shingle granules from wearing away. This also serves as an extra line of defense for your roof in the case that water should ever sneak beneath the metal. Good to know, right?

It’s also good to know the pros and cons of metal roofs, as well as whether everything you’ve heard about them is true — there are a lot of myths about metal roofing out there. Learn all you can to decide if going with metal is the right roofing choice for you.

Lastly, know that there are a variety of metal roofs to choose from, so whether to install it over shingles is not the only decision you’ll have to make!  

Interested in Putting a Metal Roof Over Shingles?

All in all, it is absolutely possible to put a new metal roof over an old shingled one under the right circumstances and conditions. Not sure if your current roof is up for it? Give Werner Roofing a call! 

If you’re considering a metal roof, we’d be happy to assess your current shingle roof to determine if it’s a good candidate for laying a metal roof overtop. You can count on us to give it to you straight and only make recommendations that are true to your roof’s condition. We always try to save you money on your roofing project wherever possible — like our free inspection, for instance! Contact our team to schedule yours today.


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How do you know when it’s time for a new roof? The only way to be sure of your residential roof’s current condition is to have a licensed professional personally inspect it. Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every client, so you can be sure of your roof’s condition. Every Werner Roofing inspection comes complete with our promise: “We won’t recommend or sell a roof replacement unless it’s necessary.” 

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