Here’s What You Can Expect From the Werner Roofing Roof Installation Process

Here’s What You Can Expect From the Werner Roofing Roof Installation Process

Getting a new roof is a significant undertaking. Whether you’re facing a necessary upgrade to protect your home from the elements or simply looking to refresh your property’s curb appeal, the process is very rewarding, but can be stressful at first. If you’re stressed about prepping your home for the roof installation process and are worried that your property will be damaged, Werner Roofing is here to put you at ease. We go the extra mile for our customers and are dedicated to protecting your home throughout the project. 

In this blog, we’ll delve into the general steps and considerations involved in getting a new roof, shedding light on what to expect throughout the journey. 

The Roof Installation Process in 5 Steps:

Knowing what to expect from a new roof installation can give you peace of mind that you’re receiving the best quality protection for your home. Here’s a look at the process of installing a new roof, step by step. 

Step #1: Choose a Contractor and Materials

Step #2: Remove Old Roofing

  • Your old shingles will be removed before your new roof can be installed.
  • Your surrounding landscape will need to be protected with tarps. 
  • Once the old shingles are removed, the roofers can inspect the decking beneath and replace any damaged areas with new decking to ensure a solid foundation.

Step #3: Defend Against Water Damage

  • A non-corrosive metal, called a drip edge, will be secured along the roof’s borders to prevent moisture from building up and getting underneath your new shingles. 
  • Underlayment and flashing will be installed, serving as a waterproofing barrier between decking and shingles and reinforcing roof valleys for extra protection.
  • All vents, pipes, and chimneys will be sealed to ensure no water can penetrate these vulnerable sections of your roof. 

Step #4: Install New Shingles

  • New shingles will be installed. How long this step takes depends on several factors, including the size of your house, the type of shingle you choose, the complexity of your roofline, and, of course, the weather. 
  • Typically, you can expect the placement of new shingles to take anywhere from 1-2 days. Any longer is an exception to the rule for more extensive and complicated projects, such as old homes with multiple layers to be removed. 

Step #5: Cleanup and Final Inspection

  • The last step in the roof installation process is cleaning up all the remaining materials, tools, nails, and equipment. 
  • Your roofing company will also want to ensure your new roof functions properly and perform a thorough final inspection. 

What Makes the Werner Roofing Installation Process Different?

Werner Roofing takes extra steps to protect your home and property during a roof installation. From creating protective “tents” around your landscaping to innovative debris control measures, we’ll show you how Werner Roofing goes above and beyond to ensure your roofing project is as stress-free as possible.

werner roofing installation videoLandscaping and House Protection: Our skilled crew starts by carefully laying down protective tarps so your property stays pristine and is resistant to damage from falling debris. 

Tenting for Landscaping and Trees: For your precious landscaping and trees, we go the extra mile with a technique called “tenting.” This involves using OSB (oriented strand board) on both sides, creating a cozy “tent” or “teepee” to shield what’s underneath.

Perimeter Wall for Debris Control: Dealing with debris is a breeze, thanks to our thoughtful approach. We set up sturdy boards along the roof’s perimeter, effectively creating a wall that prevents unwanted debris from tumbling off the sides.

Tarp Hanging for Window Protection: Protecting your windows is a top priority for us. We hang tarps from the roof that drape gracefully over your house’s walls, ensuring your windows remain safe from any accidental bumps or scrapes. We also use OSB against walls to protect windows. 

Septic System Awareness: If your property has a septic system, we’re on it. We take care to mark the septic’s location, making sure our equipment is kept from it. Your septic system stays as secure as the rest of your property throughout the roofing process.

Need a New Roof? Call Werner Roofing!

When it comes to safeguarding your home and property during a roof installation, Werner Roofing is the ultimate, reliable partner. Your peace of mind and property protection are our top priorities, and our commitment to quality shines through in every step of the process. 

If you’re ready to embark on a roofing project, don’t hesitate to contact Werner Roofing for a seamless and worry-free experience. Give us a call today to discuss your new roof needs. Your dream roof is just a call away!