Spring Roof Maintenance & Repair Guide

Spring Roof Maintenance & Repair Guide

Spring has sprung, but hopefully not any leaks in your roof! 

They say April showers bring May flowers, but unfortunately they can also bring damage to your shingles, adding wear and tear to your roof after it’s already endured winter’s wrath! That’s why now is the perfect time to assess your roof for any winter damage before those spring storms make anything worse. 

Here is a complete guide to spring roof maintenance and repairs so you can nip problems in the bud (Get it? Spring. Bud.😉)

Did Winter Take its Toll on Your Roof?

In Michigan, we’re used to an abundance of ice and snow, but those harsh winter conditions can wreak havoc on your roof. Ice dams and snow accumulation can trap moisture under shingles causing rot and leaks, and gutters can fill with ice and debris, adding to the problems. 

Take advantage of milder weather to check out the condition of your roof and identify any issues that need to be addressed, such as loose shingles or clogged gutters. Also, look for signs of leakage in your attic, like water stains or mold. Oh, and assess the ventilation and insulation while you’re at it.

The Importance of Spring Roof Maintenance

If Old Man Winter was not kind to your roof, it’s best to deal with problems as soon as possible. Even a small leak can result in a large amount of damage, and come summer, you could have more than just a growing water problem on your hands — your bills will likely be growing right along with it. 

Roof issues left unresolved can result in difficulty keeping the elements out and the cool, comfortable air in, and that means higher bills — thanks a lot, Old Man! 

In addition, spring roof maintenance is essential for keeping your roof in its best possible condition which will extend its life, protecting your investment, as well as your home and family.

The Most Common Spring Roof Repairs 

To-do’s this time of year often include plenty of yard work and cleaning, but if you’ve spotted any issues with your roof, be sure to add these spring roof repairs to the list. 

Clogged Gutters

Sticks, leaves, dirt, and other debris can accumulate in your gutters and downspouts throughout the winter, which will definitely inhibit their ability to deal with spring showers. Make sure you clear the clogs and clean your gutters so they’re ready for whatever the spring brings next.

Loose or Missing Shingles 

Harsh weather conditions can often result in loose or missing shingles, revealed when the ice and snow melt away. It’s important to remove loose shingles and replace them along with any that are missing ASAP to avoid any leaking or other problems.

If you are handy and know how to get on your roof safely, you can make shingle repairs on your own, or you can call in the pros to take care of it. Either way, move it to the top of that to-do list of yours!


Fixing leaks is another necessity that should be at the top of your fix-it list. Water damage can cause all sorts of problems over time, including rot, mold, and mildew, and premature deterioration of your roof. Take note of where you spot water stains and mold so you can locate the source and stop the leaking before it gets worse, not to mention more costly.

Poor Insulation

Attic leaks often go hand-in-hand with poor insulation. If you noticed icicles forming on your roof over the winter, your house felt drafty or temperatures fluctuated between rooms, and the kicker: your energy bills were, well, through the roof, then you likely have some insulation issues. It’s time to add or replace old insulation to keep your house comfy and your wallet happy.

Mark Spring Roof Repair Off Your To-Do List!

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to give your roof a checkup. The quickest way to get this done is to give Werner Roofing a call! Dial 616-844-5382, or contact us online for a free inspection. We can find and fix any problems winter left behind, and are here for all your roofing needs.

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How do you know when it’s time for a new roof? The only way to be sure of your residential roof’s current condition is to have a licensed professional personally inspect it. Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every client, so you can be sure of your roof’s condition. Every Werner Roofing inspection comes complete with our promise: “We won’t recommend or sell a roof replacement unless it’s necessary.” 

A Homeowner’s Roof Inspection Checklist

A Homeowner’s Roof Inspection Checklist

When it comes to the upkeep of your home, a roof inspection probably ranks right up there with getting your septic tank cleaned out. Unfortunately, putting this chore off can have just as damaging, albeit not quite as pungent, consequences. 


A regular inspection of your roof is necessary and important to catch problems early, which can save you costly repairs later down the road, as well as lengthen the lifespan of your roof, thus extending the amount of time before you need to replace it. 

Regular roof checks also ensure your house, and everything in it (including your family!) remains protected. Those are some pretty big reasons not to keep pushing that roof inspection to the bottom of your to-do list! 

So, without further ado, here’s a complete homeowner’s roof inspection checklist. Keep it handy and use it annually to keep your roof and home safe and sound. 

Inside Roof Inspection

Before you head outside, take a look around at your ceiling and walls. Do you see any dark stains or circles? These are water spots and a sure sign you have a leak somewhere. Check the attic for mold or additional dark areas which indicate that moisture is coming in through the decking under your roof. 

Another warning sign to look for is sagging between rafters. If you see light coming through anywhere while you’re inspecting your roof from the inside, you definitely have a hole in your roof that needs immediate repair. You should also check to make sure your roof’s ventilation is clean and clear.  


What to look for:


  • Water damage — dark spots or circles
  • Mold
  • Sagging ceiling/decking in attic
  • Light coming in through attic rafters
  • Obstructions in roof ventilation


Outside Roof Inspection

View From the Ground

Start by checking out your roof from the ground. Walk around your house and look for any noticeable damage to gutters, eaves, and soffits. Is the roofline sagging at all? Do your shingles look a little worse for the wear? What about moss growth or debris?


What to look for:

  • Bent or missing gutters
  • Damaged eaves and soffits
  • Shingles that are loose and flapping, missing, curled, or cracked
  • Sagging roofline
  • Moss
  • A large amount of debris

Up-Top Perspective

From atop the roof, you can get a closer look at shingle damage as well as the condition of gutters. Take note if gutters are clogged, but don’t assume they just need a good cleaning. Be sure to check if there are any pieces of shingle or shingle granules in the gutters, which is a sign your roof may be ready for replacement

While you’re up there, pay special attention to the roof flashing. This is what protects the transition areas of your roof such as around chimneys, skylights, and roof valleys where the slope of your roof changes. Flashing that is missing or damaged can allow moisture to get underneath shingles and cause rotting and structural issues. Definitely not good! 

You should also check that the rubber and seals around pipes and your roof boot are in good condition; look for signs of animal intrusion, like nests or chewed areas; and inspect your chimney for any damage that may keep it from working properly.


What to look for:

  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Clogged gutters
  • Compromised flashing and seals
  • Signs of rot
  • Animal intruders
  • Chimney damage

Roof Inspection Complete! Now What?

Hooray, you marked that roof inspection off your to-do list. That’s great! But now what do you do? Well, despite what you might think, you don’t just move on to the next thing on your list — looks like you can put off the septic tank cleaning just a bit more. You’re welcome. 

Unless your inspection passed with flying colors, what you need to do now is fix some things. Remember, the sooner you address issues, the better! First, decide whether you are willing — and more importantly, able — to make any needed repairs on your own. 

If you prefer professional help, and even if you prefer professionals to do the actual inspection, you can count on Werner Roofing. We’ll come out and evaluate your roof’s condition at no cost, make recommendations for maintenance or repair, and provide you with a free estimate to get your roof in top condition. Give us a call to schedule a roof inspection, repairs, or if need be, replacement by dialing 616-844-5382 today. 

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How do you know when it’s time for a new roof? The only way to be sure of your residential roof’s current condition is to have a licensed professional personally inspect it. Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every client, so you can be sure of your roof’s condition. Every Werner Roofing inspection comes complete with our promise: “We won’t recommend or sell a roof replacement unless it’s necessary.” 

How to Replace Roof Shingles That are Loose or Missing

How to Replace Roof Shingles That are Loose or Missing

We get our fair share of storms and windy weather around here, and that can certainly take its toll on your house. Walk outside after such an event, and you’ll typically notice tons of fallen branches strewn across your lawn, but here’s a tip: don’t just look down at the ground, look up at your roof! 

Wind and harsh weather can do a number on your shingles, causing them to come loose or even go missing completely. So, what do you do? Well, unless you want more damage to occur, you’re going to have to replace roof shingles that end up casualties of a storm. Don’t worry, though. Just take these steps to ensure your roof is ready for the next big gust of wind.

Step 1: Assess Damaged Roof Shingles

The first thing you should do is decide if this is DIY territory or if you should call in the pros. If there is quite a bit of damage, you don’t have the tools or materials to do a good job, or you just plain don’t like the idea of climbing on your roof, ask professional roofers for help — hey, it’s what we do! 

Besides, it’s often unsafe to repair shingles on your own. Professionals can repair loose or missing shingles quickly and properly, likely saving you money and further hassles in the long run. 

On the other hand, if you do consider yourself handy or we’re talking just one or two shingles that you’re confident you can fix yourself, go ahead and move on to step two. 

Step 2: Gather Materials to Replace Roof Shingles 

Here’s what you need to replace loose or missing shingles safely (you know, besides a ladder, sturdy shoes, and safety gear): 

  • Hammer
  • Pry Bar
  • Roofing Nails
  • Shingle Sealant
  • Replacement Shingles —  did the builder or the previous homeowner leave any leftover shingles behind? If not, head to a home center to find the same type of shingles that match up in color and size. You can grab the other materials you need as well if you don’t have them already handy at home.

Step 3: Repair Roof Shingles – Remove, Replace, Rejoice!

Pick a day that the weather is just right. If it’s too cold, the shingles can crack or break; too hot and the sealant bond between the shingles will be difficult to get apart. Once you’re on your roof safely, clear any debris from the storm. Now you’re ready to replace the roof shingles that are loose or missing.

How to Remove a Loose Shingle

  • Slide your pry bar under the shingle directly above the damaged one and gently lift up until it is free from the sealant. This will expose the first row of nails.
  • Slip the pry bar under the damaged shingle and lift upward. The nails still intact should start to pop up a bit.
  • Remove the pry bar and press down on the shingle so you can pull out the popped-up nails completely.
  • Repeat the procedure on the shingle above to remove whatever is still remaining of the second set of nails. 
  • Pull out the damaged shingle. 

How to Replace a Loose or Missing Shingle

  • Slide the new shingle into place.
  • Lift each of the new shingle’s tabs and apply sealant under each, then press down flat. 
  • Nail into place according to how it was nailed before. 
  • Seal and renail the overlying shingle above it.

Time to Rejoice

You did it! You have officially readied your roof for whatever Mother Nature has in store next. Pat yourself on the back (once you’re on the ground) and give your neighbor a “Yeah, that’s right, I fixed my own roof” kind of nod, then go ahead and celebrate however you like before the wind kicks up again.

Werner Roofing to the Rescue!

If you notice roof damage, it’s best to take care of it quickly before it gets worse, or more expensive to fix!  If you’re not the DIY type or simply feel better knowing professionals are addressing the problems with your roof, contact Werner Roofing today. Our expert roofers are here to help inspect and resolve roofing damage before it causes problems for your home. Just give us a call at 616-844-5382 and we’ll be happy to come out and help.


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How do you know when it’s time for a new roof? The only way to be sure of your residential roof’s current condition is to have a licensed professional personally inspect it. Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every client, so you can be sure of your roof’s condition. Every Werner Roofing inspection comes complete with our promise: “We won’t recommend or sell a roof replacement unless it’s necessary.” 

How to Find a Reputable Roofing Company in Michigan

How to Find a Reputable Roofing Company in Michigan

The roof on your home is kind of a big deal. It needs to keep you dry, safe, and warm — not only protecting your house, but also your family. That’s why finding the right roofing company is a pretty big deal, too. You need roofers you can trust and depend on, especially in Michigan where you know what they say…if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes and it’ll change. Choosing a roofer can be as tricky as knowing what to wear on any given day around here — sometimes any given hour! 

To determine which Michigan roofing company is right for you, here are some questions to ask and things to keep in mind that will help you make the best decision for your needs:

Look for a Licensed & Insured Michigan Roofer

If you hire a roofing company that is not licensed and insured, you are risking poor workmanship without recourse and serious liability if someone gets hurt. With no workman’s comp, for example, you can be sued if an accident occurs. 

Find out what insurance coverage the company has and ask if they are licensed and accredited in the  State of Michigan, then double-check to make sure they meet all the Michigan requirements

Ask About Michigan Roofing Experience

To ensure quality work, experience is key, not just in roofing, but roofing in Michigan specifically. Remember that whole thing about the weather? 

You’re looking for professionals who know the right techniques and materials to use for your area and your climate. They should be able to spot and repair problems and offer advice based on knowledge and facts. After all, your roof is too important to hire a contractor who’s just “dabbled” in the business, installing or repairing a roof here and there. If that were the case, you may as well ask your cousin Bob who’s been known to make a mean birdhouse. Believe us, it’s better to stick with experienced professionals!

Compare Roofing Warranties, Materials, and Estimates, Oh My!

Along with a good amount of experience, the roofing company you hire should offer materials that are well-known, trusted brands with manufacturer warranties to back them up. The roofers should also provide a warranty for their own workmanship. No warranties? No deal. Just walk away. 

In addition, before any work is ever done, a good roofing company should offer a free estimate, give it to you in writing and spell out everything that it includes. If an estimate is given sight unseen or has a price tag attached to it, keep looking. 

Lastly, it’s a good idea to compare the warranties, materials, and quotes from at least three companies to weigh your options and make the best decision for you. It might take a while, but it will be time well spent.

Find a Michigan Roofing Company in Good Standing 

Let’s face it, people don’t purchase anything anymore without first checking out reviews, whether rated by stars, thumbs up, or rotten tomatoes! Before you take any of the steps above, ask around for references and do some research on what customers have to say. 

Talk to people in your neighborhood, family, and circle of friends to see if they have a Michigan roofer they were happy with and would recommend. 

Search online for “Roofing Companies in Michigan” or narrow your search even more by including your city. Then, read each of the company’s customer reviews. 

The Better Business Bureau is also a good source for reviews and information that can help you make an informed decision.

Check All the Boxes 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, reliable roofing company in Michigan, we just happen to know a place that checks all the boxes — give Werner Roofing a call! With over 30 years of experience — in roofing and in Michigan — plus a whole lot of satisfied customers, we’ve got what it takes to serve you and your roof with top-quality products and workmanship (backed by warranties of course!). Contact us today for that free estimate we mentioned. We’d love to work with you!



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How do you know when it’s time for a new roof? The only way to be sure of your residential roof’s current condition is to have a licensed professional personally inspect it. Werner Roofing is proud to offer free roof inspections for every client, so you can be sure of your roof’s condition. Every Werner Roofing inspection comes complete with our promise: “We won’t recommend or sell a roof replacement unless it’s necessary.” 

Top 5 Sustainable Roofing Materials

Top 5 Sustainable Roofing Materials

With green building trends gaining popularity across the country, it’s clear that homeowners care about the carbon footprint their homes are leaving on the earth. From tight-envelope homes to those that are built from sustainable materials, there are a variety of ways to incorporate sustainability into your home’s build and design. If you’re building a green home, or are looking for a way to make your existing home just a bit more environmentally-friendly, here are the top 5 sustainable roofing materials people use when trying to build a “green” home.

#1 Metal Roofing


metal roof


Metal roofing is one of the most affordable sustainable roofing materials you’ll find on this list. Bested only by asphalt roofing, metal roofs have always been a consumer favorite. They’re exceptionally durable, long-lasting, and require very little maintenance. They’re also energy efficient. 

Most metal roofs on the market today are made from aluminum, which is a recyclable, natural resource. Since metal roofs can last more than 50 years, they won’t have to be re-roofed and they don’t require much maintenance, which minimizes the overall cost and waste associated with a metal roof.  

#2 Slate Roofing


slate roof


Slate roofing is a traditional favorite, and while you don’t see it as much here in the US, it’s a popular option throughout Europe, especially on older, historic buildings. Slate is a rock that’s cut into slabs and then installed directly onto a roof. What makes slate sustainable roofing material is its extreme longevity. 

Slate roofs have been produced for more than a thousand years, and many have been known to last for hundreds of years with minimal maintenance. In addition to slate’s extreme longevity, it is a rock that’s sourced directly from the earth, so it doesn’t require any chemical manufacturing that can contribute to air pollution. 

#3 Clay Tile Roofing


clay tile


Clay tile is a recyclable, natural roofing material. Made from materials sourced from clay pits, clay tile is another sustainable roofing material that’s been around for hundreds of years. Clay roofs are more common here in the US and are seen most prevalently in the southwest because of their exceptional heat resistance. 

Clay is a sustainable roofing material, but it’s important to know that clay tiles are a bit heavier, and a bit more expensive than other sustainable roofing materials. That said, though a clay roof might cost you more upfront, many clay roof manufacturers offer warranties that span more than 100 years. That upfront investment will go a long way to help you save in the future. 

#4 Wood Shakes and Shingles


wood tile


Wood shakes and shingles are one of the only truly sustainable roofing materials because wood is a renewable or sustainable resource. All other roofing materials might be recyclable, but unlike slate or clay, we can plant more trees. 

Wood shakes and shingles have a few benefits. In addition to being a green and sustainable roofing material, some wood species are naturally pest-resistant, and wood roofing can provide great energy efficiency thanks to its insulating capabilities. 

Though they do offer a number of benefits, wood shakes and shingles are a bit more expensive to install, and they won’t last as long as something like metal or clay. Some homeowners prefer them for their natural aesthetic, but it is good to know that if you invest in wood shakes or shingles, you’ll have to commit to some regular maintenance. 

#5 Green Roofs


green roof


Green or living roofs are an unexpected sustainable roofing material that is quickly gaining popularity. These roofs have grass or other vegetation growing on top of the roof. It’s hard to properly calculate how sustainable green roofs are, because though they offer a great number of benefits — excellent insulation, adsorption of rainwater, reducing heat island effect in urban environments — they also have a few downfalls. 

They’re very heavy, which means homes typically need additional reinforcements to support them, and they also require a heavy-duty membrane to waterproof the roof. Since rubber membranes are made with petroleum, it does in some way negate the other benefits a green roof offers. 

Looking for a sustainable roof? Werner Roofing can help! We proudly install Sheffield Metals roofs and GAF’s most sustainable shingle lines. For more information, get in touch with our team. 


If you’re considering a new roof, the first step is to have us come out for a FREE inspection. This will allow us to evaluate your roof and give an honest estimate based on your roof’s current condition.


Do you have a roofing question? We’re here to help. Just let us know what you’re wondering about, and one of our representatives will get back with you shortly.

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